Best Wi-Fi Accessories For Smartphones

Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things

Wi-fi internet is wireless technology which facilitates internet access. Phones, laptops, consoles and other computer devices can all access the internet remotely through Wi-fi networks. There is now a growing demand for other objects which are Wi-fi enabled – such as speakers, navigation systems, heaters and boilers, security systems and cooking devices. The technology connecting all these devices to each other is known as the Internet of Things, and smartphones will play a very important role in the growth of IoT devices and objects.

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Today, there are hundreds of different kinds of smartphone accessories which are powered by Wi-fi. These devices and gadgets use internet and Bluetooth connectivity to power the world around you and create added functionality for your handheld devices. From fitness trackers to security devices, these are our top picks for smartphone Wi-fi accessories in 2017.

Mobile phones were a revolution in communication when they first came on the scene, but today they are hardly used for their intended call and text functions. The modern smartphone can access the internet at the touch of a button, connecting to Wi-fi networksand 3G/4G satellite systems when users are at home or on the move. Through these internet connections, smartphones can power other objects or send signals to them in order to achieve a response.

This connected technology has opened the door for free video calling and instant messenger systems, effectively ending the need for the phone’s primary functions. Instead, smartphones today are used as pocket computers which can interact with the surrounding environment and with the wider world. As well as powering communications between people modern phones can interact with other objects, using connective technology to make real-time actions happen

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